Automate manufacturing tasks simply by using the RG2 Gripper

Improve productivity and decrease manufacturing costs

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No external cables

Automatic payload calculation

Adjustable Force and Stroke

Customizable Fingertips

Automatic tool center point (TCP) calculation

Automatic depth compensation

Packaging and Pallettizing


Pick & Place

Machine Tending

Trusted by world's leading robotics firms

Case study

Osvald Jensen talks about how the RG2 Dual Gripper increases productivity on their CNC machines

Nicolas Bouhet, CEO at HMi-MBS, France

"Thanks to the OnRobot products (Hardware and Software) setting up the robots is easy and fast, resulting lower manufacturing costs higher ROI."

Peter van Olm, CEO at Olmia Robotics, Netherlands

"Onrobot supplies different types of grippers and sensors suitable for a variety of applications. Programming these tools are easy and time saving so you can achieve higher ROI during production."

Matthew Tisdale, CEO at The Robot People, Australia

"I have worked with a lot of Automation Technology within Manufacturing operations over the last 30 years and am seriously excited by the OnRobot, Force Sensing and Control systems. The OnRobot technologies, particularly when coupled with Universal Robots, significantly improve accuracy, quality and consistency in an endless number of applications with a simple user interface. Very Impressive!."

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