Collaborative automation is easier and more affordable than you think!  What processes and applications could you automate?

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CNC  Machine Tending



Pick & Place

Press Brake


Dive  Into Collaborative Automation with Learn OnRobot 

With Learn OnRobot, detailed knowledge and resources on collaborative applications are easily accessible to all. The free learning platform (on the OnRobot website) gives intuitive and practical guidance on how to integrate, operate and successfully deploy OnRobot solutions into collaborative applications on any leading robot brand.

Collaborative Automation for Metal & Machine Shops - Your Questions Answered

Is your machine shop facing labor shortages for essential jobs such as machine tending, welding, surface finishing, and packaging? 

In this free ebook, OnRobot provides answers to the most common questions about collaborative automation, from which applications to automate, how to fit your robot on the shop floor, how to achieve high-mix, low-volume production success and how collaborative automation can help with employee safety.

Ready to find out more? Download our Make Collaborative Automation Work for You ebook today!

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