How to Grow your Business with Collaborative Automation 

Maximize automation efforts and gain the full advantages of collaborative or lightweight industrial robots with grippers, sensors and tool changers. Learn about automating any collaborative application with our robot optimization guide. 

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Brian Einzig, Automation Specialist,

FPE Automation

Thoughts on OnRobot

"OnRobot tools are easily adaptable to different applications and robot models that allow for quick changeover, easy-to-install wiring and user-friendly programming"

"OnRobot’s grippers are a game-changer because whereas we were normally seeing one gripper, one part, we now see the flexibility that these robotic tools offer customers"

"The biggest difference since we brought in the OnRobot gripper and automation was that we’ve seen about a 40% reduction in misloads"

Zach Roake, Quality & Post-Production Manager

Tomenson Machine Works

Cody James, Robotics Specialist

Olympus Controls

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