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Has Covid-19 disrupt your production and causing you to lose money?

We offer you out-of-the box solution in our webinar series how we can help you to produce at a lower cost and optimise your performance. 

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Topic 1: How a single system solution can help you automate any task.

Learn how to use the OnRobot End-of-Arm Tooling single interface called Weblogic.  This One System Solution works with all major robot brands to help you keep your production line running.

Topic 3: Keeping your equipment running at peak performance. 

In this webinar we will show you how easy it is to keep your OnRobot grippers running efficiently so your production can keep generating profits for you. 

Topic 2: How a flexible out of the box solution can avoid production downtime.  

This webinar teaches you how to customize several different types of grippers allowing you to switch applications quickly and easily. We will showcase the endless possibilities that you can achieve with OnRobot’s One Stop Shop.

Topic 4: How to increase production flexibility using OnRobot End-of-Arm Tooling. 

Learn the advantages of using OnRobot End-of-Arm Tooling with major robot brands of light industrial robots in order to increase production flexibility and automate more tasks to avoid production downtime.  

Topic 5: How to save cost and increase productivity with 2.5D vision.  

This webinar teaches you the easy set-up and usage of the OnRobot 2.5D vision system to be used for multiple new applications in your production area. Learn how to combine the vision system with different End-of-Arm Tooling from OnRobot to automate more tasks in your production and avoid future production downtime.

Topic 6: How to choose the right End-of-Arm Tooling for the right application. 

In this webinar we will explain different types of applications you can automate, which tools to use, and how each tool can be adapted to your requirements. Learn how to future-proof your business and keep your production running. 

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